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Re: Map graphics

Ben Tupper wrote:
> I have  a  widget routine which displays a map (using Map_Set, etc.)
> with vector overlays.  The routine user can call another widget
> application
> that displays some direct graphics plots using !P.Multi = [0,2,2].
> When the user returns to the main routine, plotting the earlier vector
> overlays on the map shows that the plotting parameters have changed.
> All of the vectors get squished toward the center of the graphic.
> Before starting the second routine, I have saved a copy of !P.Multi,
> !X.S, !Y.S, and !Map.  Each of these is restored after the second
> routine is closed.     Short of calling Map_Set again, is there a way I
> can save the mapping/plotting parameters and restore them later?

Ah the joy of global variables....

One way to handle this problem is to 'refresh' the map projection by
calling MAP_SET with the /NOERASE and /NOBORDER keywords to re-create
the map projection whenever you select the graphics window which
contains the map plot.

If you decide to go the system variable route, I would save !X, !Y, !Z,
!P, and !MAP for each graphics window. I use this technique in my IDL
frame tools which allow you to create a map projection in one frame, a
multiple panel plot in the next frame, and then switch between them with
no problems: