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Re: Set cursor color in widget_draw?

I also tried to do this a year or so ago, and never found a good
solution. I tried using the Cursor_Image function and was able to modify
the shape, but the color was still gray scale.

What I ended up doing only works on Windows machines, but it does allow
you to select a colored cursor.

If you set:
Device, Cursor_Standard = 32516,
then the cursor chosen is the Windows Alternate. Now you can define this
cursor to anything you like. I chose a colored pencil and set it to this
when I'm drawing contours. This of course is not nearly what I *really*
wanted, as you must set the alternate cursor on any machine that runs
the program. Also, you can't change the color of the cursor once it's
defined (i.e. I would like to use a green cursor if I'm drawing a green
contour, change to a red cursor to draw a red contour, etc). And
obviously this wont work on a non-Windows machine. However, I do like
using this colored pencil cursor better than any of the gray scale IDL

I once sent a suggestion to RSI about setting the color of the cursor,
but I doubt they felt it was important enough to make the change.

If any of the gurus know a better way to do this (which wont take much,
as the way I describe is a pretty poor alternative),  please help.


Craig Hamilton wrote:

> Hi all:
> Is there a way to set the cursor to a desired color in a
> direct-graphics widget_draw window?  What if I use
> my own CURSOR_IMAGE, does that give me the
> ability to set its color?
> Or do I have to turn off the existing cursor and draw my own,
> doing lots of DEVICE,COPY's as the cursor is moved?
> I'm using IDL 5.2 on win98 and Solaris.
> Thanx for any tips.
> Craig
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