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Objects and Widgets

I am trying to learn how to use objects and widgets together and I have
ran across a question for all of you.  When I am creating a widget button
such as:

openID = Widget_Button(fileID, Value='Open...', Event_Pro='XPU_RI_Open')

Do I have to make a procedure XPU_RI_Open such as:

PRO XPU_RI_Open, event
	Widget_Control, event.top, Get_UValue=info, /No_Copy
	Widget_Control, event.top, Set_UValue=info, /No_Copy

How come you can't call the object method directly from Event_Pro?  Since
I will be using a lot of methods will I always have to make a procedures 
to call them? Thanks for the help.

-- Mark

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 
1 Cor. 1:3