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Re: Spawn Pipes

J.D. Smith (jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu) writes:

> Any other unix 5.3 users out there have trouble reading from file units spawned
> as pipes to a command?  Try this procedure:
> pro simp
>    cmd='ls'
>    spawn,unit=un,cmd
>    line=''
>    while 1 do begin
>       readf,un,line
>       print,'GOT: ',line
>    endwhile 
> end
> For me, almost every run results in an IDL segfault, though occassionally it
> will work.

I seem to have a vague notion in the reptilian part
of my brain that this is a known IDL 5.3 Linux problem,
although a quick check of my notes doesn't turn up
anything. Was it Bob Mallozzi who was complaining
about this?



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