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Re: /MODAL makes widgets disappear

D. Mattes (dmattes@u.washington.edu) writes:

> IDL gurus!  i have a strange one for you, and i hope you can help.  i
> created a widget that can runs as a modal widget if a group is
> specified.  this widget has some CW_FIELD widgets contained in it, no big
> deal, right?  well, i get some strange behaviors...
> on WINDOWS platform:
> no strange effects, nice.
> on UNIX platform: 
> if the widget is managed in modal mode (by setting the /MODAL keyword for
> the top level base), none of the CW_FIELD widgets appear!!!  yet, if the
> widget is not run as a modal widget, the CW_FIELD widgets *ARE* there!
> any insights into this problem?  specifically, a way around it would be to
> not use the /MODAL keyword for the top level base, but i need the modal
> effect.  is there another way to achieve this, say with xmanager?

Henk, pay attention. *This* is what is known as a 
"red herring". :-)



P.S. Just to amuse me, could you try substituting my
COYOTE_FIELD compound widget for your CW_FIELD compound
widget. It should be a drop-in replacement, pretty much.
But we are *really* going to have to see some code, because
my modal widgets are filled with CW_FIELDs (or their
equivalents) and I've never heard of this. :-)


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