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Re: Array of structures.

Nicolas Decoster wrote:

> Hi.
> I'd like to build an array of structure using one line. Something like
> that:
> arr = [{sig:a, color:'red'}, {sig:b, color:'green'}]
> I don't want to use the replicate function and then fill the array one
> by one:
> arr = replicate({myStruct, sig:a, color:'red'}, 2)
> arr[0] = {myStruct, sig:a, color:'red'}
> arr[1] = {myStruct, sig:b, color:'green'}
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks.
> Nicolas.
> ps: In fact, I'm trying to find a way to handle lists of anything. In
> the present case I want to pass as one argument a list of signals
> (arrays of value) associated with a color. The list must be of any size,
> we must be able to build it on the fly. Something like that : {{sig1
> 'red'} {sig2 'green'}} in a Tcl-like syntax.


I think you should look into employing a pointer array.   Each element of
the pointer array can point to anything (like structures, etc.)

Look into PTRARR() function.


Ben Tupper

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science