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Re: newbie:Volume Rendering on IDL

In article <39200757.CD79DEC7@cscs.ch>, "Sathya Krishnamurthy (CSCS)" <skrishna@cscs.ch> writes:
>Hello All
>I am very new to IDL. I have been VTK for sometime. Right now for a
>project due to high-performance requirement, I am to use IDL for doing
>some volume rendering.
>I want to write a custom reader for my data which is in a
>rectilineargrid format. 
>Then, I want to volume render the data.
>Can somebody suggest me how to with IDL ?

I have written a GUI for doing volume-rendering in IDL.  It is based on the
demo which RSI provides which shows an electron probability distribution and a
PET/MRI scan.  That demo is crippled, since it can't read other data sets, etc.
You can get my volume_render.pro, and also make_movie.pro (view 3-D data sets
as a movie of frames in the X, Y or Z directions, optional MPEG output)  and
image_display.pro (2-D image display with pan, zoom, cursor into your data,
etc.) at:


Mark Rivers