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wrong bounding box

Thanks Dave and Pavel for your advice Re: grayscale.

I have another question re: EPS files.

   DEVICE, XSize=10, YSize=8, /ENCAPSULATED, $

The bounding box is usually right on.  But when I have
a second Y axis, the BB is too far to the left, i.e.
the rightmost y-axis-labels are clipped.

Easily fixed: modify the BB by hand.  It's the second
line of the EPS file, which is just an ASCII text file.

But: why is this???  How hard can it be to calculate a
frigging bounding box?

And: can I use the xoffset keyword?  Man page says this
does not work for /ENCAPSULATED.

BTW, I'm using 5.0.1 -- sorry.



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