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Re: runtime IDL, blocking widgets

David Fanning wrote:
> marc (m_schellens@hotmail.com) writes:
> > As I understood now (after posting this question some time ago),
> > blocking of widgets behave like this:
> > A blocking base blocks when started 'from within' a nonblocking base.
> > the next blocking base started from within the blocking base did not
> > block any more. To get the blocking behaviour (i.e. xmanager did not
> > return till top level base is destroyed) you have to use modal bases.
> >
> > So far so nice.
> > I have a program wich starts nonblocking (a), then starts a blocking
> > base (b) and from within this invokes another GUI program (c).
> >
> > Now the problem: When I run this stuff in runtime IDL, it seems that
> > there are no non blocking bases. So the former blocking base (b) blocks
> > no longer.
> > But when I make (b) modal, I cannot use (c) anymore!
> >
> > So is there a solution other than restructuring the program?
> > Can I get back the behaviour of interactive IDL in runtime IDL?
> > Is this a buck in runtime IDL?
> A run-time version of IDL is--by definition--a blocking
> program. :-) That is, there is no IDL command line, hence
> the top-level *IS* blocking. A modal widget can't call a
> modal widget and have events generated. So, you are out of
> luck. I think your only hope is to restructure the program.
> Sorry. :-(
> Cheers,
> David
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Uhhh that sucks.
I don't see the need for that, if a program runs under runtime IDL,
the command line could also be only 'hidden'.
Strange that a program behaves different depending upon the used
thanks anyway,
:-) marc