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Hello IDLWAVE users!

As always, quickly after a major release there has to be a maintenance
release which fixes a few bugs and sharpens up a few of the new
feature.  Such a release is 4.1 of IDLWAVE.  4.0 contains one mildly
serious bug (see first item in the list of changes below), and one
serious documentation problem: The installation instructions in
README.hlp were incorrect (INSTALL had the correct info).  We have
also fixed a number of minor bugs.

The sharpened-up features are

- requesting online help on a non-system routine does now display the
  DOCLIB header of that routine if available.  If there is no doclib
  header describing the routine, we continue to show the source code
  of the routine definition.  The key "." (the dot) in the Help window
  jumps between both locations.

- When source code is used as help text, it can be fontified just as
  any other code (see `idlwave-help-fontify-source-code')

- abbreviated keyword parameters are treated correctly by online help

Below follows a detailed list of changes.  IDLWAVEs homepage is still


Don't forget to update the online help package as well.

Good Luck

- Carsten

   - Fixed bug in which unresolved routines could shadow catalog
   - Fixed the incorrect installation instructions in README.hlp.
   - Online help for non-system stuff makes use of the DocLib file
   - Abbreviated keywords are treated correctly for online help.
   - Source files displayed as online help can be fontified
     (off by default, see variable `idlwave-help-fontify-source-code').
   - Multiple definitions of a routine in one file count as shadowing.
   - Facility to send single characters to interact with GET_KBRD (see
   - The shell defines a system variable !IDLWAVE_VERSION, which can
     be used by a program to detect if it is running under Emacs or not.
   - More efficient way of querying the shell for routine info.
   - Fixed bug in get_rinfo -> 10 mode keywords recognized.
   - Fixed bug with translation of help topics.
   - Fixed bug for completion context after continuation lines.
   - Fixed bug with Keyword insertion after `(' from Routine Info

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