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Re: Postscript Output with Object Graphics?


Ricardo Fonseca wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Does anyone know of a way of outputting object graphics 2D models (no
> transparencies involved) to a postscript file as vectors (as opposed to
> rendering the object graphics to an image variable and then displaying it on
> the postscript device)?
> Thanks in advance, Ricardo

You need IDL 5.3 to do this.

IDL> myClipboard = obj_new('IDLgrClipboard')
IDL> myClipboard->Draw, myView, filename = 'gah.eps', vector = 1,
postscript = 1

This way you will have a nearly real vector postscript. I say "nearly"
because text will not be in postscript font : each charachter is drawn
using small triangles.

As discussed a week (or two) ago, if you have graphic atoms that
overlapp but are at a same graphic object Z value the result can be (is
?) different between a vector postscript output and a IDLgrWindow



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