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Re: Color printing to a Lexmark printer


I haven't had the kind of experience you describe.

Heads up regarding the PCL device;  the PCL device has trouble switching
between landscape and portrait mode.
I can't remember the which one it will not do, but it turned out to be a
bug in IDL (logged with RSI).
I spun my wheels for a week trying to figure out the PCL device.  I could
get it to work from UNIX
(with the exception of orientation, but from WIN98 I got nothing but
trouble: big files filled with


Mirko Vukovic wrote:

> I just went through an exercise on color printing to a Lexmark
> (Optra SC 1275) printer on our network (this is idl 5.3.1 on WinNT4).
> Setting set_plot,'printer' and device,/true_color or /indexed_color
> did not produce color output.
> The only way to do it was set_plot,'pcl' and device,/color to generate
> a pcl file.  I then used the PrintFile utility program to send the file
> to the printer and got my color output.
> Does this jibe with other folk's experience?
> (as a side-note, I was unable to obtain color prints on that printer
> with Ghostview 2.9 and Ghostscript 6.01.  Someone else might have
> better luck.)
> Mirko
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