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New FAQ location

Hi all -

Once again, I have moved the FAQ location. The short story is 

The long story is:
I'm no longer doing IDL programming, so it's safe to assume that I'm not 
going to be much of a maintainer for the FAQ. I asked a couple weeks ago 
for someone to volunteer to care for and update it. Unfortunately, there 
were no takers. I've just converted the FAQ from a FileMaker Pro 
Database to the perl-based FAQ-o-Matic. I'd like to once again encourage 
folks to make an effort to maintain the FAQ for the IDL community. I 
have no complaint about maintaining the FAQ on my system and can provide 
user and password authentication so several people can maintain and 
update the FAQ through the FAQ-o-Matic GUI. This way the load can be 

Note that the system the FAQ is currently hosted on will be going down 
on Tuesday, 6/13/2000, for a move from my home office to a co-location 
facility. It will be down for at least two hours around 10:00 am PST, 
but hopefully not much more than that. The main reason for this is that 
I am moving homes, and the new location will take about a month to 
reestablish DSL lines.

Mike Schienle                                 Interactive Visuals, Inc.
mgs@ivsoftware.com                  Remote Sensing and Image Processing
http://www.ivsoftware.com/         Analysis and Application Development