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Re: IDL_FileOpen problem?


My eyes tend to glaze over when I see c code... but I think I see that
you are expecting your 'foo' file to be binary format.
If so, you should set the BINARY keyword to OPENW since the default
behavior on WIN platforms is to write in text format.


Nando Iavarone wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have some problems reading files using DLM under win platform.
> I am using IDL 5.2.1 and VisualC++ compiler.
> I wrote a little file called 'foo', using the simple
> IDL> data = dindgen(10)
> IDL> openW, 1, 'foo'
> IDL> writeU, 1, data
> IDL> close, 1
> After it I need to read them from a c-function in a DLM.
> - The code  below works fine on unix platform (SGI and linux) but it
> can't read data if used on WIN 98, NT.
> Anyone knows what's happening? A flag problem in the open?
> Note that after the IDL_FileOpen the same procedure is repeated using
> simple fopen, and all is ok.

Ben Tupper

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science