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Re: IDL - linux and intel dual processor set-up

In article <8i5hur$f0m$1@news.uit.no>, Tony Bauna <tony.bauna@tss.no> wrote:
>A question:
>Will IDL take advantage of dual intel processor setup running linux vs. a
>single pocessor setup? Will the processing time of covariance functions of
>SAR SLC data be reduced with the 2 proc. setup vs. single proc. setup??

Unless something has changed in 5.3 that I am unaware of, the answer is
no. That is, unless you play some particularly nasty tricks on IDL and
write your own multiprocessing routines.  Go to deja.com and search for
posts in this group with my name on them from the last two or three years
and you'll find some examples.  Of course, you'd need to rewrite your SAR
analysis package....  The other option is to run two copies of IDL.

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