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Re: IDL for linux on Macintosh ppc

It always amazes me to see companies who have a product
that runs on "Linux 6.0 or later" (vs. a kernel version
number).  And it amazes me even more to see companies
(like RSI) who support only one distro.

RedHat version x.y doesn't mean sooo much standardization.
Is it KDE, Gnome, plain X?  Is lesstif installed?  How
is the kernel configured?  Etc.

Why is it that Wolfram can get Mathematica to run on
any distro?  Why is it that Statcorp can get Stata to
run on any distro --- and also supports Linux/PPC?
And I would not be surprised to see Stata for Linux/SPARC
or Linux/Alpha.

It seems to me that companies vary in their commitment to
Linux and the ones with low commitment come up with
whatever excuse is convenient to justify their stance.

Someone from SAS told me that Linux is not comercially
viable, so no SAS for Linux.  So tell me, what do they
know at SAS that IBM, Compaq, SGI, Oracle, etc., don't?


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