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Re: very fast spline interp function for heavy oversampling?

Thanks Craig and Martin!

I've implemented the spl_interp method and WOW, it is a factor of 36 faster
than the SPLINE function call (for my program anyway).

So why doesn't the canned IDL routine spline.pro, just call these functions?

re: the "don't have time to do this" in my original message.  I will be
a lot of data tonight for a client, and one function call is a spline like
I did not want to add in my own untested coded immediately prior to this
important crunching.  This solution (spl_interp) is great, it helps a whole
lot! I may
even be able to get to sleep tonight!


Craig Markwardt <craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu> wrote in message
> "R.G. Stockwell" <stockwell@co-ra.comremove> writes:
>  snip
> > Are there any user routines out there that can do this interpolation
> > efficiently?
> I second Martin's suggestion.  I went from SPLINE to SPL_INTERP, and
> never looked back.  SPL_INTERP is much faster, and appears to be less
> prone to artifacts.
> Craig
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