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Re: exporting data

If you specifically want to write a file for use in Excel, then its best to
write a text file where the values are seperated with commas (a CSV file). You
can use the PRINTF procedure to write formated text to a file, or WRITEU to
write binary data.

for example:

;Open LUN 1 for data.csv with write access.
OPENW, 1, 'data.csv'
;Do the output operation to the file.
PRINTF, 1, data,format='(9(f,","),f)'
;Close the file.

This will print out the contents of the data array, seperated with commas. Look
at the FORMAT keyword in the help to see how it works.


Rachel wrote:

> Hi.  I'm a fairly new user of IDL, and I was wondering if there is anyway to
> export IDL variables.  For instance, if I've created an array in IDL and I'd
> like to graph it in Excel or some other graphing program is there any way to
> get the array to excel.  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rachel