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Re: Overwriting printings

Pavel Romashkin wrote:
> Paul van Delst wrote:
> snip-snip
> > I absolutely agree with the original posters comment about code
> > slow-down vs. psychological benefits. It's like getting stuck in the
> > subway with no info about why..... yoicks.
> A lot more productive would be to put in an audible end-of-loop alert,
> switch to your web browser and, while IDL is crunching, to check for the
> best and latest on http://www.dfanning.com :-)

No no no... while IDL is crunching on my prototype software, I would be implementing the same in Fortran-90 for production run where
speed is really needed. :o)

I've shifted from "Use IDL for everything" mode to "Use IDL for testing mode" simply because everyone here has a Fortran compiler,
but very few people have an IDL license. I have found my IDL experience very handy now that Fortran-90/95 has array based syntax and
luckily there is enough highly robust freeware out there that replicates most of the IDL mathematical functionality. For displaying
the results, though, IDL can't be beat.

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