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Re: Automatic Brain Detection from MRI scans

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Cugley <mjcugley@tigger.medschool.dundee.ac.uk> writes:

    Michael> I've just been given an assignment involving MRI scans of
    Michael> the brain; one of the "wish list" features is being able
    Michael> to automatically detect the brain within each scan.

One of my ex-colleagues as a grad student developed a heuristic
algorithm that seemed to be quite effective, which he used as part of
his thesis research:

Bedell, B.J., Narayana, P.A.: Automatic removal of extrameningeal
tissues from MR images of human brain.  J. Magn. Reson. Imag. 6:939-943, 1996.

Bedell, B.J., Narayana, P.A., and Johnston, D.A.: Three-Dimensional
image registration for human brain.  Magn. Reson. Med., 35:384-390, 1996.


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