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Re: Writing GIF files in IDL ATTN: Paul van Delst, Liam Gumley

kyle04@my-deja.com wrote:
> I have a program that creates a series of images in an ObjectGraphics
> Window, but when I try to write the images into GIF files using the TVRD
> command, IDL opens a blank window of the default size and reads this
> instead.  I tried using Liam's saveimage routine, but that did not work
> for me (it really isn't a display issue, I don't think).  Paul, if you
> have any more info on the wset procedure you were talking about
> (6/28/00), like how I could set my windows so TVRD actually read the one
> I was displaying in, that would be great.  And Liam, your web site is
> excellent, so please post any ideas you have about this.  This is
> undergraduate research, and I am in a bind.  Thanks for any help you can
> give.

SAVEIMAGE is strictly for IDL Direct Graphics.

For a nice example of saving the contents of an Object Graphics window
to GIF or JPEG, see David Fanning's FSC_SURFACE procedure:

You may wish to consider TIFF or PNG output format if you want to avoid
color quantization (and some patent issues).