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Re: curve fitting problem

Hi Carlo and Pauline--

I'll assume that one of you will forward responses to your friend.
Remember we're not just here to serve you.  The request itself is a
bit too generic to make a detailed response.

Information on IDL standard library routines can be found in a number
of places on the web.  These two come to mind:


For curve fitting, there are a number of options.  The standard IDL
library includes:
 LINFIT - linear model
 POLY_FIT - polynomial model
 POLY_FITW - polynomial model with weights
 COMFIT - a bunch of canned models
 CURVEFIT - generic least-squares fitting  
 LMFIT - generic least-squares fitting

I would not recommend LMFIT, it's slow and not well suited to the IDL
philosophy.  If one of the specific models doesn't match what is
needed, then you will have to construct your own model and use

I also make freely available a curve fitting package called MPFIT
which some people seem to like.  Here again you will have to construct
your own model function, or at least know the functional expression.
There are a number of benefits to the MPFIT functions, perhaps the
most important being it seems more robust than CURVEFIT.  This package
can be found here:


Good luck,

Carlo Emanuele Demontis <cdemontis@speaairportsystems.com> writes:
> Hi, I am posting this for Pauline.
> Please, help her.
> Thank you all in advance
> Carlo Emanuele DeMontis
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If anyone has an old or unused IDL manual to send to Devendra in India,
> that would be most lovely.  Alternatively, if anyone can provide the
> said routine below that would be equally lovely!
> Please email Devendra directly since I don't think Devendra has
> newsgroup access.
> Thanks for your help,
> Pauline
> Devendra Singh  <dschahar@hotmail.com>  wrote:
> >
> > Hi Pauline
> >
> > Once again ,I wish to contact you in connection with an idl routine
> for
> the
> > curve fitting for straight line,expontial,power,logerthmic and
> ploynomial
> > from 1 degree to 10 degree including the plot of data and fitting.
> Kindly
> > provide me the said routine. I would be obliged to you.
> >
> > with warm regards,
> >
> > devendra singh

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