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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

David Fanning, davidf@dfanning.com writes:

> So, here is the deal. If you feel inclined to
> submit a couple of ideas to this newsgroup, I 
> will collect them and submit them personally 
> to the VP. I'll even follow up and make sure 
> he has, uh, read them. :-)

    Memory management.  The ability to ask how much memory is left
without trying to allocate it would make application development much,
much easier, particularly for those of us working on PC-class
machines.  At present we either have to allocate a big array (chug,
chug, chug,.... 10 min wait..., chug, chug, sorry!) or just allow the
program to crash randomly.  I use one commercial IDL application which
continually saves everything to disk just to be sure it won't crash,
which is a horrible waste of SIMMS.

>Items that make it to the top of the list
>will be written with some wit, intelligence,
>and humor.

    Take my wife.  Please.