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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

In article <gurman-BA14CE.16384117072000@news.gsfc.nasa.gov>, "Joseph 
B. Gurman" <gurman@gsfc.nasa.gov> wrote:

> 2. support for QuickTime video at least as an output option (e.g. 
> WRITE_QT), even if this means paying an additional license fee for 
> various CODECs.

Hear, hear.  The Animation codec would be pretty straightforward, seems 
appropriate for the type of output likely to be made in IDL, is 
supported on Mac/Windows/UNIX, and can be set lossless so the resulting 
clip could always be recompressed using a different codec (using, e.g., 
MediaCleaner) ... seems like it would be a natural...