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FYI: VIP 1.3 is released

The latest version of VIP, Visual IDL Programming, is released.

VIP 1.3 is full-featured visual environment for developing data
analysis and visualization applications. New to this version is
the capability to generate IDL source code (.pro files) from VIP
programs. Also new is the addition of visual cues to improve the
self-documenting features of VIP's visual programming editor.

Here are some other features new to VIP 1.3:
+ Conditional execution of nodes (if/then/else)
+ Additional Object Graphics nodes
+ Branches which indicate direction of data flow with arrows
+ Snap functionality in visual editor to align nodes to a grid

For more details, visit the VIP area of the Research Systems
Web site: http://www.ResearchSystems.com/vip/

Dave Uhlir
Director of Product Marketing
Research Systems, Inc.