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Re: TrueType font caution

In article <397889DB.FC634@ssrl.slac.stanford.edu>, Harvey Rarback
<rarback@ssrl.slac.stanford.edu> wrote:

> This reminds me of some more disadvantages I found comparing IDL's TT fonts
> with hardware fonts on the X device:
>   - Drawing is much slower (about a factor of 4 for Helvetica fonts displayed
>     to an Exceed PC X server)
>   - They look lousier.

I find the TT fonts to be unreadable in a medium-sized X window.  I've
decided to use Hershey fonts for X display (2D or 3D), PS for printed
2D output, and TT only for printed 3D output.  I should have pointed
out that the PS files with TT fonts *print* fine if all I do is send
the file to the printer.  The problems occur when I try to edit the
graphs in Illustrator.