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Re: TrueType font caution

In article <210720001101137472%k-bowman@null.tamu.edu>,
  "K. Bowman" <k-bowman@null.tamu.edu> wrote:
> As has been pointed out a few times in this group, the IDL TrueType
> fonts, unlike PostScript fonts, will plot correctly in 3D plots.

This was one of my gripes in the "top 10" list, in fact.

I *still* think RSinc should just add PS support for 3D.

> character.  I don't know how the PS device handles PS fonts, but I
> expect it leaves the rasterization up to the output device.

Exactly.  If you grep a PS file for your axis labels, for instance,
you will find that the text is there, as just plain... text.

You point out two reasons why this sucks.

I will re-iterate my [third] reason, and that is that the PS files
cannot be run through post-processors such as psfrag (for Tex/LaTeX
font substitution) when the fonts are TT.

> Therefore, my recommendation is that when creating PS files, PS fonts
> should be used for 2D plots, while TT fonts should be used for 3D
> plots.  This requires some additional (annoying) DEVICE and !P.FONT
> commands if you make both kinds of plots in the same program.

This is what I am doing from now on, too.  But it sucks.  PS output
should use PS fonts.  Period.  3d 2d, whatever.

Sorry to kvetch so much about one thing but come on, if they can support
TT in 3d then they can support PS.

- Andrew

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