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I'm rather new to object graphics (a whole 5 days now) and was
wondering whether or not i was doing the sensible thing here.

Aas part of my honours project I'm detecting surface currents from
sequential satellite imagery....

I'm trying to create a field of displacement vectors, with arrows
pointing from the origin (i,i) to the destination (i+delx, j+dely). I
figured that a (whole lot of) polyline with an invisible character at
the start and a visible character at the end would suffice for arrows
- and this seems to be true (& easy). 

However I wonder if how I am adding each polyline to the model (view,
window) is the best approach (see code segment below). When I have a
large number of polylines to be added it takes a (rather) long time.

A code segment follows, however, documentation and a working program &
data are available (if you are so keen to help [or just interested])
at http://cygnus.uwa.edu.au/~majewski/MCC.html


# Data_set is an array of floats [*,*,3] usually [50,50,3] however I
want to move towards [200,200,3] or more.
#data_set[*,*,0] = x displacement
#data_set[*,*,1] = y displacement
#data_set[*,*,2] = cross correlation coefficient

for j = 0, maxj do begin
   for i = 0, maxi, step do begin
      if (Data_set[i,j,2]) ge 0.3 then begin
	delx = Data_set[i,j,0]
	dely = Data_set[i,j,1]
	corr = Data_set[i,j,2]

	; Make an array of symbols: #1 invisible, #2 color of line
	Symbols=[OBJ_NEW('IDLgrSymbol', data=0),OBJ_NEW('IDLgrSymbol',
SIZE=0.125, data=5, COLOR=[250*corr,0,0])]

	; Make a line between origin and origin+displacement
	MyPolyLine = OBJ_NEW('IDLgrPolyline', [[i,j], [i+delx,j+dely],
[i,j]], COLOR=[250*corr,0,0], SYMBOL=symbols)

	OModel -> ADD, MyPolyLine

oXAxis = OBJ_NEW('IDLgrAxis',0,range=[-3,max_side+3])
OModel->Add, oXAxis
oYAxis = OBJ_NEW('IDLgrAxis',1,range=[-3,max_side+3])
OModel->Add, oYAxis

OView -> ADD, oModel
OWindow -> DRAW, oView
Leon Majewski

Remote Sensing & Satellite Research Group
Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

email: majewski@ses.curtin.edu.au