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Widget Resize on Mac


I have a resizeable widget direct graphics routine that I am able to use
on UNIX and Windows without difficulty.   I have been fussing with it
all day on the Mac because it resizes incorrectly.   It seems like the
right hand margin gets chopped so that the last axis label may (or may
not) get trimmed.   It doesn't seem to matter if the resize event
results in a smaller or larger widget base.

I have tried using the explicit fix for UNIX widget resizing described
on David's webpage and it seems to help considerably, but the fix does
not solve the problem entirely.   Before using the fix, the plot runs
off the draw widget (to the right) after a resize event occurs.    With
the fix in place, the plot falls entirely within the draw widget but the
righthand vertical axis is squished against the right hand side of the
draw window.

The UNIX fix is described on David's page...

Has this been dealt with before?  if so, what is the solution?



P.S.  How come the Mac keyboard size is inversely related to it's
speed?  Geez, I'm glad we didn't get the top of the line G4!  This
keyboard is much too dainty for my fingers to stump around on!

Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science
West Boothbay Harbor, Maine
     note: email address new as of 25JULY2000