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Re: Widget Resize on Mac

Ben Tupper, btupper@bigelow.org writes:

> I think you are resizing the draw_widget
> explicity as opposed to resizing the base_widget.

    Yup.  Well, I'm changing the draw widget to fill up the resized
base defined by the user via the window manager.

> The value 12 is a surprise

    It's been a while since I made up the hack, but I seem to remember
that it didn't make sense to me either.  It has worked reliably over
several versions of IDL, from 4 onwards.  I first stumbled across it
when trying to get some David F's resizable widgets to look nice: they
always seemed to resize twice over without the Mac-specific tweak.
I've seen the same thing with a program ported from Solaris IDL.

    I try to take a teenage attitude to these things (It works!
Cool!) without getting too toddlerish (But why Daddy?
Whyyyyyyyyy????).  I think this is why the IDL advanced programmers'
group have never invited me to be a Plenary speaker.

PS: there's a new 'pro' mouse and keyboard from Apple, supposedly
better than the 'orrible ones sold with your G4.