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Re: Widget Resize on Mac

I apologize, I should have been more careful about the width of scroll
bars. 48 pixels now seems like way too much. I just checked and they
appear to be 15 pixels wide. Where I got 48 from, was IDL online help
and it *did not* say it was the width of scroll bars:
Set this keyword to give the widget scroll bars that allow viewing
portions of the widget contents that are not currently on the screen. 
	Note	For the Macintosh, if you set XSIZE or YSIZE to a value less than
48, the base created with the SCROLL keyword will be a minimum of 48x48.
If you have not specified values for XSIZE or YSIZE, the base will be
set to a minimum of 66x66. If the base is resized, it will jump to the
minimum size of 128x64.
However, Online help must have taken into consideration the way IDL for
Mac works with positioning in the top base, because when I used 48 as a
negative offset on Ben's misaligned Draw widget, that provided perfeclty
visible right plot edge that was very close to the edge of inactive
scroll bar.
I guess I humbly accept I have not yet outgrown the "It works! Cool!"
attitude :-(