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Re: selecting model objects

"Rick Towler" <rtowler@u.washington.edu> wrote in message
> I have a base model (a map) that contains other models (geographic
> data).  I need to select data within the map using the IDLgrWindow
> Select method.  Right now I am only getting the base model returned.
> object hierarchy is: [data_model]->[map_model]->[oView]->[oWindow]
> ; my select code
> item = oWindow->Select(oView, [event.x, event.y])
> item contains the reference to map_model only.
> A key point is that I need to anchor the geographic data to the map and
> I need to be able to translate and scale the map.  Because of this I
> haven't been able to add the data objects directly to the view since
> each of the objects would translate/scale independently and the
> geographic data would be dereferenced from the underlying map.
> is it possible to select a model (or atom) that is contained in another
> model that is contained in a view?
> If not, is there a way to "join" 2 or more models so when translating or
> scaling they behave as 1?
> thanks!
> -Rick Towler

Hmmm. I'm not *sure* I understand what you're trying to do or what the
problem is, but here goes...

You want to translate/scale/rotate map_model in response to mouse events?
Bear in mind that if you know which model you want to move, then you don't
need to call Select at all. You can keep track of the relevant model's
object reference in the object structure, or maybe you know its position in
the view container so you can track it down with one or more Get operations.
Then just translate/scale/rotate that model based on event.x & event.y.

I have example code that works this way in:


though I don't know if looking at it will help--I find it hard to figure it
out myself! An MGHgrWindow doesn't know much at all about its GRAPHICS_TREE,
but it does assume that translation, scaling and rotation always work on the
first model in each view. This isn't really too restrictive.

As always, if you want to use one of the routines from my library, you'd
better get the lot, in:


Mark Hadfield
m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz  http://katipo.niwa.cri.nz/~hadfield/
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research
PO Box 14-901, Wellington, New Zealand