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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

I meant the latter - resizing a common block without exiting IDL.  During
program development, I often find that I want to add a variable to a common
block.  Of course, when I attempt to recompile, IDL says something like this:

   % Attempt to extend common block: TEST

It's not particularly difficult to exit and restart IDL, but any variables
I had defined then need to be reset.  Unfortunately, .reset_session has the
same problem, because in addition to common blocks, it appears to kill any
variables defined at the main level.

I don't know how common blocks are implemented internally (an array of
pointers, perhaps?), but it seems that if IDL can dynamically redimension
arrays, it also ought to be able to dynamically resize common blocks also.


In article <397D32B3.6C127E2@mail.earth.monash.edu.au>,
 Michael W Asten <masten@mail.earth.monash.edu.au> writes:

>Not sure what you mean here - do you mean resize a common block during
>execution of a program, or re-size a common block without exitting the idl
>system.  If it is the latter, then your wish is granted.  IDL5.3 has the
>keyboard command .reset_session   or   .full_reset_session which kills a
>common block (and lots else besides - see help files) and allows you
>to extend/change, followed by compile, without exit/restart
>(Now if only those other 9 items on everybodys wish list were so easy!)
>Michael Asten
>Doug Reynolds wrote:
>> I would find it extremely helpful if it were possible to extend COMMON blocks,
>> without being forced to exit and restart IDL.
>> Doug