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Re: cursor return in graphics window

Eric Williams (eric@astro.wesleyan.edu) writes:

> I am trying to use cursor to return the coordinates of a mouse click in 
> a graphics window. In fact I am trying to do it twice, back to back, and 
> am running in to the problem that one mouse click is being read by both 
> cursor calls. I want to select two points with the mouse in the graphics 
> window but since one mouse click is being read by both cursor calls I am 
> getting the same coordinates for each. I have tried playing with the 
> wait keyword in cursor but that doesn't seem to make a difference. 
> Any suggestions? I am doing this on a Mac right now but have the same 
> problem on my Solaris boxes.

Actually, I think your problem is that you are going through
your event handler twice on the *first* mouse click. Once
on the down event, and once on the up event. Since you weren't
anticipating this, you think you are getting the same
position from two clicks. You could modify your event
handler to look only for button DOWN events (event.type = 0).



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