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Re: Top 10 for old farts


"Joseph B. Gurman" wrote:
>     Seriously (once again), it would be nice to be able to pay for a
> base license, and add on, at extra cost:
> 1. objects
> 2. QuickTime support (per codec)
> 3. other features requiring RSI to pay license fees (GIF?)

As I never use them, I suggest that direct graphics have to be
considered as add on... The best is to paid only what you use: a price
for every little thing in IDL. On for objects, one for object graphics,
one for direct graphics, one for widget, one for file format features
and even one for array-programming (ok, and one for "IF ... THEN ...").

Seriously (once again), it would be nice to be able to pay nothing for
IDL and to be able to access its source code. That way, people who wants
to can improve pieces of IDL they use most and this will profit to all
users. In fact the Top 82495 list (was Top 10) will be add to the next
IDL version, or at least the most important entries. Great. So why not
open source IDL ? There will be more and more users, and RSI that knows
perfectly the product can still earn money with training, consulting or
very specific products.



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