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Re: Top 10 for old farts

Nicolas Decoster (Nicolas.Decoster@Noveltis.fr) writes:

> Seriously (once again), it would be nice to be able to pay nothing for
> IDL and to be able to access its source code. That way, people who wants
> to can improve pieces of IDL they use most and this will profit to all
> users. In fact the Top 82495 list (was Top 10) will be add to the next
> IDL version, or at least the most important entries. Great. So why not
> open source IDL ? There will be more and more users, and RSI that knows
> perfectly the product can still earn money with training, consulting or
> very specific products.

Having had occasion recently to re-read Jonathan Swift's
_A Modest Proposal_ I can say that I admire both Mr.
Decoster's and Mr. Swift's wonderful sense of irony. :-)



P.S. Oh, you were serious (once again). Well, somehow
I think the chances of this happening are on about the
same order of magnitude as me, say, meeting Mr. Sampras
in this year's Open finals. That is to say (for those
of you who haven't had the opportunity of watching me
play tennis), none too good. :-(

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