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Re: Memory limited to 128 MB on DEC Alpha

I think this comes up every once in a while on the newsgroup.  The
first thing I suggest is for you to check your process limits.  For
csh and tcsh you can type "limit" and you will get something like

datasize        131072 kbytes

Ahah!  Only 128 MB available for use.  This is so that a Johnny Random
user can't go wild and use all the memory by default.  But this is
what you want to do.

The solution is to remove the limits with the command "limit datasize
unlimited".  You will need to exit and restart IDL for this to take


mole6e23@hotmail.com (Todd Clements) writes:

> Hi there..
> I'm using IDL 5.3 on a DEC Alpha (Personal Workstation 500/AU) using
> Digital UNIX 4.0E.
> We have 512 MB of physical memory and 792 MB of virtual memory (yes,
> probably not enough) installed. However, when I run IDL, I seem to be
> limited to only 128 MB of memory.
> junk=bytarr(1000,1000,133)
> is the largest allocation I can perform on startup of IDL. It would be
> nice to be able to do larger allocations (or at least a long series of
> smaller allocations). I watched during the execution of a program (using
> swapon -s) that slowly consumes memory, and the virtual memory wasn't
> being hit in the slightest to try and come up with more memory (not that
> it should need it - I was the only user logged in at the time).
> My question is, why the limitation? I saw documentation on RSIs site about
> limitations with HP-UNIX, but nothing about Digital UNIX. Is there a way
> around it?
> Thanks in Advance for help, and if possible, please send a copy of your
> response to my e-mail (mole6e23@hotmail.com).
> Todd

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