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Memory limited to 128 MB on DEC Alpha

Hi there..

I'm using IDL 5.3 on a DEC Alpha (Personal Workstation 500/AU) using
Digital UNIX 4.0E.

We have 512 MB of physical memory and 792 MB of virtual memory (yes,
probably not enough) installed. However, when I run IDL, I seem to be
limited to only 128 MB of memory.


is the largest allocation I can perform on startup of IDL. It would be
nice to be able to do larger allocations (or at least a long series of
smaller allocations). I watched during the execution of a program (using
swapon -s) that slowly consumes memory, and the virtual memory wasn't
being hit in the slightest to try and come up with more memory (not that
it should need it - I was the only user logged in at the time).

My question is, why the limitation? I saw documentation on RSIs site about
limitations with HP-UNIX, but nothing about Digital UNIX. Is there a way
around it?

Thanks in Advance for help, and if possible, please send a copy of your
response to my e-mail (mole6e23@hotmail.com).