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Re: Top 10 IDL Requests

Mark Hadfield wrote:
> > "Kristian Kjaer" <Kristian.Kjaer@Risoe.Dk> wrote in message
> 3981DA40.F3BC8FC9@Risoe.Dk">news:3981DA40.F3BC8FC9@Risoe.Dk...
> >
> > A print button (and an equivalent cmd-line command) which would work
> > on (direct) graphics already rendered to the screen (using std. direct
> > graphics commands) would null _the_ major quirk in IDL, IMHO.
> And how would it be done?

Who cares? This is an implementation (i.e. an RSI) issue.

I just want to make print outs of what I plot by clicking a button.
That's why I smacked together WPLOT and WOPLOT - it has a PS output
button which is enough for me.





I'm sure there are other codes out there that do the same thing and are
much more sophisticated but this was all I needed. It can't handle log
plots well but I can live with it.

BTW, I'n not recommending anyone grab the above codes for any other
reason than to see how *not* to do something.  :o)

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