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A *SHORT* Object Testimonial


I'm going for a round 50 posts today. :-)

I wouldn't bother you, but this really happened to me
today, and it seems germane to recent discussions on
this newsgroup.

I got an e-mail from a friend in Los Alamos today.
His users were complaining that while his widget
interface was nice, you couldn't tab from one 
field to the next, like you could in any other
Mac or Windows program known to man. Was there
anything that could be done? He was using CW_Field.

"Using CW_Field!? No, there is nothing that can
be done. Pray they don't want keyboard input next,
is about all you can do", I told him.

But, and here is the relevant part of the story, I
have a program named FSC_InputField that I introduced
on this newsgroup 6 months or so ago. It is a CW_Field
replacement, but has been written completely as an object.
I know of at least two people who have had the courage
to download it.

It took me--this is no joke--all of 10 minutes to add
and test the capability to tab from one field to the
next. I had to build three new methods, each only 3-4 
lines long. That was it. Done.

Try *that* with a program that is not written as an
object. :-)


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