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Re: Record Day on IDL Newsgroup

Martin Schultz (martin.schultz@dkrz.de) writes:

> Perhaps we should rename the newsgroup to comp.lang.idl-poetry.

Here is the first truly inspired suggestion we have
had this week. It has already clawed itself to number
3 on the list. :-)

> PS: couldn't David just send in 100 wishes and say it was a typo ?

Another good idea. I have never been much good at following
RSI's directions anyway, so it has good deniability. :-)

But no matter how many items make the official "list",
I do want you to know that I have evidence RSI is paying
attention. They may not act on every suggestion (I'm
pretty sure IDL is not going to go the Open Source
route), but they have certainly read every suggestion.

And I, for one, have been impressed with how little
whining and carping have been in the suggestions.
Surely that counts for something, too. When people
care enough about your software to take the time to
make suggestions for how it can be improved, it suggests
you are on the right track. It is total silence
that is most ominous.

I'll be visiting RSI, list in hand, soon. But I
say "Good Job!" to all of you who have submitted
your ideas.



P.S. Let's just say I knew Mark could write wonderful
programs, I just didn't know he was that poetic. Next 
we will hear he is a former member of the All Blacks. :-)

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