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Re: problems with MODAL widgets and non-modal sub-widgets

anne martel <anne.martel@nottingham.ac.uk> writes:


>I was just wondering if anyone has found a solution to the problem of
>calling non-modal sub-widgets from modal widgets in IDL5.3. I have read
>the (very informative) page on Dave Fannings' web site which includes a
>posting from Bill Thompson on the subject but the solutions suggested
>seem to require a lot of re-writing. Does anyone know if  RSI has fixed
>this problem yet?


>Anne Martel
>QMC, Nottingham

For a while we were able to get around the problem by using a hacked version of
xmanager.pro suggested to us by RSI support.  However, this solution broke with
IDL/v5.3.  We ended up having to bite the bullet and rewrite the software to
avoid using /MODAL.  Pity, especially since the changes involved coordination
between programmers on two sides of the Atlantic.

William Thompson