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Re: xwindow, idl5.2, win2k

Ben Godde (benjamin.godde@uni-tuebingen.de) writes:

> after moving from winNT4 to win2k i have the following problem using
> xwindow (thanx for it, david) with idl5.2:
> window size cannot be set properly using the keywords wxs and wys.
> are there others having problems with win2k??

Humm. I installed Windows 2000 on one of my machines, but
then I didn't have any room for software. :-(

Does the program resize the windows properly? If so,
you might try changing the XSIZE and YSIZE keywords
in the Draw widget creation command to DRAW_XSIZE and
DRAW_YSIZE. That was a hack that sometimes worked in
the old days.



P.S. Let's just say I'm having a go with Linux today. :-)

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