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Re: Top 10 for young farts

There are many times I want to copy several lines of code and paste
them to the command line. This does not work using IDLDE for Windows -
only the first line of code gets copied. Therefore I end up copying
line by line (which is tedious) or just re-typing the command.

I'm not sure if this is a problem for "young" or "old" farts, or maybe
just my own problem, but I know it has bothered me many times.


On Thu, 03 Aug 2000 14:13:51 +0200, Martin Schultz
<martin.schultz@dkrz.de> wrote:

>Well, maybe I am cheating here, but as I am still considered a "young
>scientist", I thought I could dare ;-)
>Working mostly on a Linux system and abhjorring the IDE (to me, it's
>just too cluttered, how can you live
>with three lines of 40 characters as an editor window?), I would very
>much like to see some more intelligence of the command line. There
>should be an auto-complete functionality (TAB would complete a command
>or give you a choice of options), and one should be able to jump back
>and forth with CTRL-arrow, HOME, and END, so that you don't get sore
>muscles when you edit commands previously entered (and you want to
>change the first of twenty arguments).
>Just a thought (and a new thread),