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SPAWN under Unix question

Hey there,

I want to execute some system commands (cp, tar, rm) using SPAWN on a
Linux system. Does IDL execution suspend while the OS command is
executing? The reason I ask is my IDL code copies some files, tar's them
up, then deletes the files. If the spawn works in the background, things
can get quite muddled.

The documentation states:

"If Command is not present, SPAWN starts an interactive command
interpreter process. Under UNIX, the default shell is used. IDL
execution suspends until the new shell process terminates. Under UNIX,
shells that handle process suspension (e.g., /bin/csh) offer a more
efficient way to get the same effect."

but it doesn't say what happens if "command" is not present.



p.s. I really should pull my finger out and learn Perl, but IDL is so
easy to use.....
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