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Re: Political Action Committee Derailed

This is a perfect example of how to pull the rug from under our feet.
And what are we gonna do now? David is broke and stuck with a pickup
truck load of pens (well, the upside is that they should last him
through the object programming book). For the rest of us, what part of
the ever-lengthiest "top 10" thread has already been implemented? What I
wonder the most is, which of them have been part of IDL since 5.0 but
never made it to the documentation and we are not aware of them?.. Like
STRTOK routine that, according to wrapper routine STRSPLIT, supposed to
be documented? What else can STRTOK do through that _extra keyword?


David Fanning wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Uh, oh. Bad news.
> I just found out that COMPLEMENT and NCOMPLEMENT keywords
> have already been added to the WHERE function and will be
> in the IDL 5.4 release. :-(f