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Political Action Committee Derailed

Hi Folks,

Uh, oh. Bad news. 

I just found out that COMPLEMENT and NCOMPLEMENT keywords
have already been added to the WHERE function and will be
in the IDL 5.4 release. :-(

And the worst news is that it was not because of our
radical letter writing campaign, it was just because
it seemed like a really good thing to do and there
had been several "official" requests by users in the

Bummer. And I just ordered 500 pens from Office Depot.

Guess it just goes to show you RSI really does listen
to what people are asking for. 

In any case, I've got a book to write and other things
to do. I'm just going to wait until IDL 5.4 shows up
and see what's there and what isn't. And although it
goes totally against my grain, maybe I'll just ask
for new features with a polite letter that begins,
"Hi, I *love* IDL, but..."

Couldn't hurt. :-)


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