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Re: Political Action Committee Derailed


go ahead and order another 500 pens for a new campiagn 
for the next item on the wish list: "variable number of 
argumants"? Virtual threats are more efficient than the 
real world execution :-)

Best, Theo

David Fanning wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Uh, oh. Bad news.
> I just found out that COMPLEMENT and NCOMPLEMENT keywords
> have already been added to the WHERE function and will be
> in the IDL 5.4 release. :-(
> And the worst news is that it was not because of our
> radical letter writing campaign, it was just because
> it seemed like a really good thing to do and there
> had been several "official" requests by users in the
> past.
> Bummer. And I just ordered 500 pens from Office Depot.
> Guess it just goes to show you RSI really does listen
> to what people are asking for.
> In any case, I've got a book to write and other things
> to do. I'm just going to wait until IDL 5.4 shows up
> and see what's there and what isn't. And although it
> goes totally against my grain, maybe I'll just ask
> for new features with a polite letter that begins,
> "Hi, I *love* IDL, but..."
> Couldn't hurt. :-)
> Cheers,
> David
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