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Re: Political Action Committee Derailed

David Fanning wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Uh, oh. Bad news.
> [...]

Indeed, now for once I had thought, I could really change the evolution
of mankind by participating in a grassroot campaign and sent a feature
request 10 minutes ago. Sorry, RSI! But maybe, they should lift the veil
a bit in advance and have the change log published on their web page in
regular intervals, so people could follow progress (and they wouldn't
even have to hire someone to follow up). If they think, it's too
embarassing; well then put it under some obscure address like 


[[ Dr. Martin Schultz   Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie    [[
[[                      Bundesstr. 55, 20146 Hamburg             [[
[[                      phone: +49 40 41173-308                  [[
[[                      fax:   +49 40 41173-298                  [[
[[ martin.schultz@dkrz.de                                        [[