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Re: Top 10 for young farts

In article <398961FF.960DC51D@dkrz.de>,
  Martin Schultz <martin.schultz@dkrz.de> wrote:
> Well, maybe I am cheating here, but as I am still considered a "young
> scientist", I thought I could dare ;-)
> Working mostly on a Linux system and abhjorring the IDE (to me, it's
> just too cluttered, how can you live
> with three lines of 40 characters as an editor window?), I would very
> much like to see some more intelligence of the command line. There
> should be an auto-complete functionality (TAB would complete a command
> or give you a choice of options), and one should be able to jump back
> and forth with CTRL-arrow, HOME, and END, so that you don't get sore
> muscles when you edit commands previously entered (and you want to
> change the first of twenty arguments).

All this (and much more) is available under Linux if you use Emacs
with the IDLWAVE package.  Jump ship!

- Carsten

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